Riga zoological garden

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Riga Zoological garden was established on 14 October 1912 but preparation works stated already in 1908.

At the moment of opening the museum had 88 animals species.

Many of the animals and the building of the zoological garden itself were received thanks to the support of the society. Animals very given by business people, ship captains and other privat persons. For example the Emperor Nicholas II gave a pair of aurochs, but the first elefant was given by a mister Zirins and Hibnera company.

Only in 1914 the zoo welcomed 534 new inhabitants.

Now there are around 3000 animals representing 430 species in the Riga Zoological garden (of course excluding insects and other spineless).

Several recent facts and events are important to highlight:

  • In 1992 the zoo received a status of “National zoological garden”
  • In 1998 a Tiger home was opened that is the most spacious and modern construction of such type in Europe. It was built using the donations of companies. (the last time when a building was erected in the zoo for donations was in 1930-ies). This year Lions’ home and kangaroo’s home are renovated.
  • In 1999 a Country yard was opened where visitors could view closely home animals that are characteristic tio Latvia.
  • In 2001 new homes are provided for pelicans and cranes. On 25 May Tropics home is opening its doors - there you can see 80 insects, scorpions, spiders and other species.
  • In 2002 an aquarium of tropic sea is opened.
  • In 2005 a tradition of public animals’ feeding was started. Hippopotamus, pelicans, lemurs and seals participate.
  • In autumn 2007 Giraffe home is completed that will welcome giraffe babies Piks and Periskops and then the youngest Usmi from Poznan zoological garden.

A visit to Riga Zoological Garden will provide you with unforgettable impression and emotions.






6.00 €
Children(from 4 to 18 years)
4.00 €

(presentation of certificate)
4.00 €
2 adults +2 children
or 1 adult +3 children
17.00 €
Additional ticket for a child 2.00 €

(minimum 10 people)
Adults 5.00 €
3.00 €
Persons who accompany
people with 1. gr. disabilities
3.00 €
Children under 4 years of age
Pensioners aged 70 or over
Ticket office:
During the summer 10.00 - 18.00
In winter 10.00 - 16.00
Tropical house:

Vasarā 11.00 - 18.45
Ziemā 11.00 - 16.45
The other exposure:
During the summer 10.00 - 19.00
In winter 10.00 - 17.00
Address: Meža prospekts 1, LV-1014, Riga, Latvia
T. +371 67518409
Fax: +371 67540011

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