Gauja National park

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Gauja National park was found on 14 September 1973. It is located on area of 91745 ha.

The par was found with a purpose to protect wildland in Gauja clough, biological and geological diversity. Preserve historic, cultural and nature monuments, and promote tourism.

The park territory is divided into 5 zones:

  1. Nature conservancy zone
  2. Landscape protection zone
  3. Historic and cultural zone
  4. Neutral zone

The most important are nature conservancy and landscape protection zones. This zones are small but very important part of the park, it is allowed to visit these zone only by certain routs.

95,3 km of the park territory is crossed by Gauja river that have created the most beautiful part of the park. The depth if the Gauja clough next to Valmiera is 20 m, next to Sigulda - 85 m, the breadth at some places reaches 2,5 km.

There are several lakes in the park, the biggest are: Unguru lake - 393,2 ha, Vaidavas lake - 87,2 ha and Raiskuma lake - 78,3 ha. The deepest is Kanepu lake - 18 m in its deepest point.

There is a Sudas-Zviedru marsh (2306 ha) with 33 lakes in Gauja National park.


Ratnieku lake – 44 ha

Zviedru lake – 27.3 ha

Sudas marsh lake – 13.7 ha

Sāls lake – 9.2 ha

Velna lake – 5.7 ha

There are 900 kinds of ferns and seed plants, 149 species of birds, 48 mammals, 8 amphibias, 5 reptiles and a beaver



Gauja national park

Gauja national park
Protected natural area
Address: Sigulda, Baznīcas street 3; LV – 2150, Latvia