The Latvian War Museum

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The Latvian War Museum began its work in September 1916 as a Riflemen Museum. The museum is located at the current premisses (one of Riga’s fortifications - Pulvertornis) starting from 1919.

The main aims of the museum are to reflect in its exhibitions to fight of Latvians for independence, rise national awareness, cultivate patriotism.

The work of Latvian War Museum was terminated ater 17 June 1940 when Latvia was occupied by USSR army. A part of the museum collection disappeared, part was transferred to other museums and archives.

Starting from 1957 the building of Latvian War Museum was used for Revolutionary Museum of Latvian SSR where the history of the 20th century was presented from the view point of soviet government.

After independence recovery in 1990 the work if Latvian War Museum was resumed. The current aim of the museum is to reflect the complex military and political history of Latvia (especially during 20th century)

Taking into consideration large interest about exhibitions in Latvian War Museum that reflect importan military and political events, from 4 June 2005 it is possible to see the exhibitions for free.




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