Riga Aviation Museum

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Riga Aviation Museum was officially established in 1997 but the collection was developed during 40 years. This is the only such museum in Baltic countries and one of the largest in Europe. Has the largest soviet aviation equipment exhibition outside CIS countries.

Development of Riga Aviation Museum started in 1965 when a F. Cander club of Young Aviators was established. In this club young boys received different theoretical knowledge that was connected with aviation and airport operations. The members of the club practised operational tasks of the airport, they also jumped with parachutes.

Club was developing and expanding and the need for real air vehicles arose, they were necessary to perfect the skills of the club members.

The defence ministry supported the efforts of the club and it endowed it with a written-off Mig-21US airplane. Students of the club renovated it and it became the first item in the educational base of the club.

Later on owing to good connection with soviet military persons of the time, the collection of the club was expanded by rather rare and unique aviation machines that with time became exhibits in the museum.

At the moment there are 47 items in the collection of Riga Aviation Museum.

If the arrival or the departure of the plane is delayed do not get bored, go and visit Riga Aviation Museum! Its is only a few minutes away from Riga International Airport!


Entrance to the exhibition
Adults 3,00 €
Pupils, students, pensioners 1,50 €
Children (up to 6 ) and First groups of disabled 0.00 Ls
09.00 - 18.00
Address: Airport "Riga"
T. +371 26862707
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.