Turaida Museum Reserve

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Turaida Museum Reserve is an especially protected cultural monument. It is located on 42 ha territory and includes several complexes of buildings, open-air expositions and ruins of Turaidas Castle. There are several exhibitions in the ruins that tell about the building of the castle and its history.

In the main tower there is an art gallery and a souvenir shop, but on the 5th floor there is a watch tower that provides a wonderful view from the height of 30 m.

In the Western block of the exhibition the visitors can learn about the history of Turaidas castle and learn about its inhabitants.

In the Big Semicircular Tower you can see the harsh conditions in which were kept the prisoners - the exhibition is located in the basements. On the other floor there is an exhibition of the life and recreation of castle guars. On the second floor there are different shooting guns that were used in 15th, 16th centuries.

In the South block you can visit an exhibition that is dedicated to the archbishops of Riga that have been spiritual and secular governors of Latvia. Medieval music is played and there are burning candle to create the atmosphere.

There is also a complex of manors. Visitors can view the old and new premises of the governor, see the bath-house, fish basements, cart house, cowshed, forge and other places. There are 9 exhibitions in the building. Some of them are interactive which means that the visitors can take part in them. In the forge there is a possibility to see how forger works, in the cart house visitors can see a collection of medieval agricultural machinery.

There is also one of the oldest wooden churches in Latvia. Turaidas church was built in 1750.



Entrance in exposure
4,98 €
The Pupils
1,14 €
Students (full time) 2,85 €
Seniors 4,27 €
People with disabilities 0,71 €

Entrance in exposure
Adults 2,85 €
The Pupils 0,71 €
Students (full time) 1,42 €
Seniors 2,13 €
People with disabilities 0,28 €
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Working times
09.00 - 20.00
10.00 - 18.00
10.00 - 17.00
Address: Turaidas street 10, Sigulda, LV 2150, Latvia
T. +371 67971402
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