Bunker in Ligatne

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75 km from Riga, 9 meter under the ground there is a bunker. It was built in the 80ies of the 20th century and was built to hind during atomic war.

Even the employees of Ligatnes réhabilitation centre up till year 2003 did not know that under their workplace there is a 2000 m2 big, rather modern secret military construction. Ligatnes bunker is equipped with the most modern (for 1980ies) communication devices, air filters, water supply system and other necessary devices to ensure survival of bunker inhabitants for several months.

Nowadays, Ligatnes bunkers is an interesting place to visit where you can see strategic maps with a situation forecast after the collapse of Latvian hydroelectrostation’s embarkment. You can also see autonomous diesel engine, air condensation and purification systems, water supply and canalization systems that work similarly as on submarines and many other things.

After enjoying originas atmosphere and viewing the exhibition in the Ligatnes bunker it is possible to taste 80-ies style lunch in the bunker canteen that will allow to feel the atmosphere of that time period fully. Here you can also participate in reality game “Object X” and pretend to be a secret agent on a mission to save his country from catastrophe.

How much does it cost to learn the secrets of
Saturday, Sunday tour 12:00, 14:00
Per person 6,76 €
Individual excursions (10 and more persons) 5,00 €
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Address: Skaļupes, Līgatne, Līgatnes municipality, Latvia
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