Karostas prison

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Karostas prison or a guardhouse was built in approximately 1900 as a hospital. After revolution in 1905 the building stated to function as a prison up till year 1997. Governing powers changed and so changed prisoners, revolutionaries were replaced by czar’s army sailors, then german army deserter, nation’s enemies. As during Soviet times there was an important military object in Karosta, disobedient solders of Soviet army were kept in this prison. The last “users” of the prison were solders of

Many terrible things have happend in Karosta Prison, many fates were broken and many lives were stolen. It is know for sure that during totalitarian regimes 150 people were shot here.

There are many mysteries about Karosta prison. One of them tells a story about a young man and his bride. In 1944 german patrol detained a young boy because they suspected him of drinking, he was put in the cell no. 18. It happened two weeks before planned wedding. The bride came to save the young man. To get into the prison she gave her virginity to the prison guard but she did not find her groom in the cell - he was already shot. Unable to bear the pain the girl committed suicide.


Since that day her ghost in a white dress walks around the prison banging doors and making noise. This ghost is called The While Lady!

International ghost hunting professional have came to research the ghosts of Karosta Prison. In 2009 representatives of „Ghost Hunters International” have visited the prison and studies the phenomena with special equipment for a week. They have detected several supernatural phenomena. The research and its results were presented in USA at “Sci-Fi” channel.


After the research Karosta Prison was admitted to be the one of the most haunted places in the world. It is only a little bit behind the famous Alcatraz prison on lonely USA island in California state.


In Karosta Prison tourists can enjoy different non-traditional attraction: they can spend a night in the prison, experience arrest and interrogation, and taste officers’ lunch in prison’s buffet.

Starting from May till October Karosta Prison is opened 10:00 - 18:00 and during this time it is possible to take and excursion in the prison without prior booking. At other periods it is necessary to book visiting time.


How much does it cost to visit the prison
Easy tour
3,00 €
Pupils, students, seniors 1,50 €
Excursion with surprises
Adult 4,50 €
Pupils, students, seniors 3,00 €
Excursion with surprises + the prisoners lunch
Pupils, students, seniors 5,00
Excursion with surprises + officer lunch
Adult 15,00
Pupils, students, seniors 7,00
Working times

10.00 - 18.00
Address: Invalīdu street 4, Karosta, Liepaja, LV-3402, Latvia
T. + 371 26369470
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