Dendrological Park “Vagneris”

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Dendrological park “Vagneris” is located near Jumpravas Lake. Development of the park started in 1890 and in 18 years 20 ha gardening was installed. The founder of the park is a descendant of an old family in Riga - Fridrihs Vagners- reputable man that went to gymnasium in Dresden, studied in Belgian Royal gardening school, and acquired experience in France, England, Holland, Swiss and Germany. F. Vagners specialized in raising fruit trees, decorative bushes and flowers.

Decorative bushes from Asia, China and Japan grow in the park.

There are 103 kinds of trees that are not characteristic to Latvian nature, among them Abies mayriana, Jezo spruce, white fruit daphne mezereum, sugar andred maple, and many others.

There are 5 kinds of spirea, 6 kinds of lime-tree, 5 kinds of elm, different kinds of mountain ashes, birches, fir-trees, as well as red beech, and the pride of the garden - big beech with beetling branches. This is one of the first and best collections of trees that are not characteristic to Latvian nature that has preserved till nowadays. Some of the exotic trees - Abies mayriana, beech, green privet white daphne mezereum - in Latvia can be seen only in Dendrological park “Vagneris”.

Nowadays F. Vagner traditions are maintained by a company “Vagneris” Ltd. That offers its clients different planting materials, develops and implements landscape gardening and landscaping projects. For recreational purposes it is possible to visit walking footpaths in the dendrological park.


Oldest dendropark in Latvia
Address: „Vāgneris”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma municipality, Riga region