Dendrologic park in Ledurga

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Dendrologic park in Ledurga is established in 1973. The park is developed and designed by one person - Arvid Janiten.
A. Janiten was not a graduate of specialized schools and he studied botanics, ecology, dendrology in theory and practice by himself. More than 250 different plants in Ledurgas dendrologic park are grown from seeds, cuttings and grafts by Arvid himself. Others are received as gifts from National Botanic garde, Botanic Garden of the University of Latvia, Kalsnavas Arboretum and other similar organizations.


Dendrologic park in Ledurga is located on 10 ha area and has around 1000 different species of decorative trees and bushes. There is a good environment even for different sub-tropical and tropical plants 0 magnolias, rhododendrons, walnuts.

Mudurgas big stone - 2,05 m in height and 4,3m in length. The diameter of the stone is 13 m, but its volume is 14 solid meters.


Park attendance please coordinate in advance by phone + 371 25549747

Winter season: 01.11-30.04.
Adults  0,71 €
Seniors and children  0,36 €
Group tour (min. 10 pers.)  1,00 €
Summer season 01.05.-31.10.
Adults   1,50 €
Seniors and children 0,70 €
Group tour (min. 10 pers.) 1,00 € /pers.
Guide services from 20,00 €
Plant diversity in the richest dendropark in Latvia
around 1000 different plants

Krimulda municipality
LV-4012, Latvija
Phone: +371 25549747