Dendrological park “Lazdukalni”

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Dendrological park “Lazdukalni” popularly called Spakovska park (Mister J.Spakovski to a large extent has facilitated formation and development of the park) is located on 8,5 ha area in Parogre. The park has more than 7000 plantations, 412 different kinds of trees, decorative bushes and other plantations.

The top of the mountain can be reached by 100 steps stairs that will take you to the pond with water-lilies. The park is very popular among newly-weds. You can walk along Purva footpath on 70 m long footbridge, view the nature, 2 m deep natural whirlpool and rest at Filozofu pub, sight tower is being build that will let to overview the tops of the trees and Daugava river.



The park is very popular among newly-weds
Address: Pavasara gatve 6, Ogre, OGRE municipality, LV-5001