The Botanic Garden of the University of Latvia

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The Botanic Garden of the University of Latvia was established in 1922 when the council of Riga allocated almost one hectare of land for gardening purposes in Dreilinmuiza. At the moment the garden is located on 15 ha of land where you can see 5400 different plants from different climat zones of the world. Special greenhouse is built for tropic plants so that an appropriate temperature and dampness can be provided. There are also 400 kinds of plants that are naturally growing on Latvia territory, 43 of them are included in Red Data Book of Latvia. There are also 240 plant species that are regarded as endangered in the Baltics.

There are also 270 vulnerary plats, part of them are used in traditional medicine, part in folk medicine.


In the Botanic Garden of the University of Latvia you can not only see the plants but also buy the seedings. Talented selectionists have created several plant hybrids that are not characteristic to Latvian climate - different kinds of decorative plants,dahlias, lilies, acacias and rhododendrons.


Employees of the Botanic Garden of the University of Latvia provide consultations regarding planting and growing different plants, they also organize seminars and workshops about plant-growing. They also provide planning of landscape gardening and consultations regarding the choice of the plants. Decoration of premises for corporate events.

There is a 19th century manor on the territory of the garden, The manor consists of three buildings and it is an important stated architectural monument.

There is a free parking lot.



Adults 2,10 €
Senior citizens, students 1,40 €
Pupils 0,70 €
Free admission
  • Preschool children
Presenting the certificates:
  • Groups I and II disabled persons
  • Children orphaned
  • Large families
  • Politically repressed persons

May - September
9.00 to 19.00

October - April
9.00 to 16.30

Address: Kandavas street 2,
Rrga, LV – 1083
T. +371 67450852, +371 26319560