The two-day walking holiday in Latvia. Riga, Sigulda, Turaida.

Needed: comfortable shoes, rain coat, an umbrella, a good mood
and the Smartphone with navigation program.

Travel estimated total cost for two persons 86.00 EUR (Youth Hostel) + meal expenses
or 107.00 EUR (hotel) + meal expenses
(Not including airfare to Latvia)


Accommodation in Sigulda
Youth Hostels - www.tourism.sigulda
Hotels -

Bus ticket purchase -



Flights to Riga International Airport, Perhaps with this airline - airBaltic

Starting point: Riga airport

To go to Riga's public transport, you need an e-voucher, which can be purchased at an airport newsstand.

1. Boarding the bus number 22 (GPS 56.921205,23.981193), stop directly opposite the airport, near the parking lot.

2. Getting out

2.1. „11. novembra krastmala” (GPS 56.945783, 24.105366)

2.1.1.Walk through the Old Town of Riga to the

2.2. „Stokmann centrs” (GPS 56.946421,24.116328)

2.2.1. Walk through the Central Market (GPS 56.943979,24.116802)

3. Boarding the bus "Riga-Sigulda" in Riga International Bus Station(GPS 56.945062,24.114398)

Buying a ticket "Riga – Sigulda AO", ticket purchase online:

4. Getting in the Sigulda bus station (GPS 57.155112,24.853385)

5. A walk through Sigulda.

5.1.Bobsled and subframe route with a view Tower, ride with bob. (GPS 57.151295,24.841455)

5.2. Amusement park „Tarzāns”, Rodel Track (GPS 57.160212,24.843541)

5.3 A walk through Sigulda to Air cable road across the Gauja (GPS 57.164488,24.845515)
More info:, and

5. With Air tram to the right coast of Gauja (GPS 57.169503,24.831288)

6. Coming down the stairs and go to the Gutmanu cave (GPS 57.17615,24.842264), the largest in the Baltic States.

8. Visit to Turaida Museum reserve (GPS 57.182663,24.850386)

More info:

Tours can be reserved by phone +371 67971402 or +371 29269921 - contact Ilga Korkliša or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9. Return to Sigulda with the bus, which departs from stops at Turaida (GPS 57.186912,24.846423), Departs every day at 18: 30

10. Find the reserved hotel.

11. From Sigulda to Riga you can go from 3 different places:

11.1 Sigulda bus station (GPS 57.155112,24.853385), tickets can be bought in the ticket office, or reserve online

11.2 From the train station (GPS 57.153218,24.854061), tickets can be bought in the ticket office,
the move list and ticket prices here:

11.3 From the stop "Sigulda" on the Vidzeme Highway (GPS 57.145988,24.859525), tickets can be bought on the bus,
or reserve online

12.Getting to Riga international bus station (GPS 56.945062,24.114398)

14. 22. the bus stop to Riga International Airport " (GPS 56.945475,24.113102)


Additional information can be obtained in the tourist centres:

Riga tourism Center (brochures, maps) (GPS 56.947853,24.106519)

Sigulda tourism Center (brochures, maps) (GPS 57.154877, 24.853518)